A sentence by Dallas Willard has taken roost in my mind.  In Renovation of the Heart he says that some Christians seem to think it is more important to be right than to be Christlike.  I struggle with this demon  myself, the compulsion to be right AND to make sure other people know it.  I get my nose rubbed in this mess every time somebody has the audacity to suggest I might not be right.  Letting go of the need to be right has become a spiritual discipline for me.

I am thinking about this because the little piece of Christianity that I call home has had a power shift (among other things).  What happens when people who are used to being the majority are now the minority and vice versa?  How will it all shake out? God only knows.  But here’s an idea: what if for a while we put more energy into being Christlike to each other than we put into defending our need to be right?  Or maybe first we stop and pray that we can know what being Christlike across the issues even looks like.

I don’t believe truth and Christlikeness are mutually exclusive – the need to be right and Christlikeness may be.


I have decided to post some of my pictures on this blog just because it’s mine and I want to.  They may have nothing to do with what I am saying in the post – or maybe they do – I’ll let you think about it.

IMAGE OF THE DAY: from Dixon, NM, 2009